Seven Lives

by Jumpiter

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released July 2, 2013

All recordings by Sean Schuyler © 2013



all rights reserved


Jumpiter Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn NY

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Track Name: Treehouse

((( Man # 1 )))

When God destroyed the Sun
I cursed His name in anger
I called Him bad and made Him mad
My fate's in danger

I've been damned to Hell
For losing my faith in Him
That's fine as long as I can
Keep my lovely girlfriend

Until one of us dies
I want to spend all my time with her
I'll go to Hell a happy man
Since I've been damned to Hell
I'll do anything that I like
I'll keep sinning while I can

I've been fucking
I've been cursing
I've been stealing
To find relief from the aggression
I've been feeling

But when I'm holding her
So innocently near me
Sometimes forget
We'll separate eventually

I want to live a good life
But I've been damned to Hell
I must take advantage of my fate
I'll follow all my instincts
No consequences to fear
The human urge to sin's innate

High above the ground
We sleep together
She wakes up thirsty
And she says:
"I'm going for a drink of water and a swim.
Do you still love me?"

And of course I tell her:

A ladder made of wood
Stretches to the ground
My girl starts to descend
The treetop tall
Climbing down the ladder
From the treehouse
The ladder breaks
I see her fall

If I've been damned to Hell
I might as well just kill myself
Can't live without her
So I'll die
(yes I'll die)
(I guess I'll die)

[words & music by Sean Schuyler]
Track Name: Drink To Death

((( Man # 2 )))

I went down with the Mountain
And tumbled into the ocean
I sank deep 'til I fell asleep in the sea
My mind fell asleep in me

It woke up when she said she loved me
It all came back to haunt me
I'm alive for the second time
And she's here
I knew her for less than a year

Somehow she found me once again
I now recall I watched her fall
I couldn't deal with life at all
And so I ended it for good

I thought I could
But I was wrong
I feared my life
Would be too long

The word love is a killer
I wonder if I should tell her
The last time that we fell in love I was blind
And there was darkness in humankind

I was odd with the Maker
He felt it justice to take her
In a year she was gone
And I fear that this time
Punishment will resume for my crime

I didn't mean to call Him bad
I didn't mean to make Him mad
I felt so sad that she was dead
It should have been my death instead
But she's alive a second time

And so am I
And I can't lie
She has to know
That she could die

Drink to Death
He drinks to you now

But when I tried to wake her up
After the night we drank so late
I told her of her treehouse fate
We drank so much

I never thought she'd asphyxiate
But I was wrong
We felt so sad
She drank too long

Drink to Death
He drinks to you now

[words & music by Sean Schuyler]
Track Name: When Buildings Collapse

((( Man # 3 )))

When buildings collapse
There's nothing you can do
But pray your loved ones die quickly

Doing laundry in the basement
Of our tall apartment building
Nothing clean to wear
I went out to buy some groceries
Left you waiting in the laundry room
Content to sit and stare
At the washer spinning round and round
And round and round and round

When buildings collapse
There's nothing you can do
But pray your loved ones die quickly

Earthquake shakes beneath the pavement
Left you waiting in the basement
The building's falling down
If you're not dead, hope you die quickly
Even though I love you dearly
The circle's spinning round
Like the washer underground
It's underground
You're underground
Spinning round and round and round

Two times I lost you
Died within a year
I know this time you won't last any longer
I wish my faith was stronger
But it wasn't strong enough
Separation is incredibly tough to survive
So I died by my hand
Born again to relive losing you
Haunted with knowledge of our past Lives
Our past loves
Our past hopes
Our past dreams
Our past nightmares
And the days in-between

Now I don't know
If you're still alive under there
But I know you won't last more than a year
'Cause the Lesson is in session
And the session is closed
To be without you girl is all that I fear

When buildings collapse on your true love

When buildings collapse
There's nothing you can do
But pray your loved ones die quickly

[words & music by Sean Schuyler]
Track Name: Leap Year

((( Man # 4 )))

We spoke our love the first time
February 28
But I refused to speak a word
Of her impending fate

I thought it might be better
If she didn't know
That at any sudden moment
She could go

I've won her love and lost her
For three times already, why?
I think I've paid the price already
Why does she have to die?

I thought it might be better
If He let her live
God is stubborn
But I know He must forgive
But how long does it take?

And so I waited
In terror for the year to pass
From what I gathered
A year's the longest we could last

A year had passed to the day
February 28
365 days passed her by
This had to be the date

She never lasted
Longer than a year
Which means this is the day
I've always feared

The 28th it came and went
My girl was still alive
A year had passed
I paid the price
Or else she would have died

I told her everything
'Cause she was fine
She said:
"It's February 29,
And Leap Year's almost over."

Afraid of dying
Within a day
She lost her mind
And so she leaped from
The tallest building she could find

[words & music by Sean Schuyler]
Track Name: Beneath The Floorboards

((( Man # 5 )))

A sudden vibration
Beneath the floorboards
There's something happening
Unplug the light cords

It can see you moving
It can hear you breathing
If it senses our fear
We won't be leaving

Try not to panic
Just relax
Just close your eyes
I'll watch our backs

We'll bow our heads until we know
There's no more vibrations below

An infestation of apparitions
A confirmation of superstitions

The dead have risen
Bow your head
It isn't nice to raise the dead

We'll bow our heads until we know
If they're unhappy down below
And if they are, do they blame us?
Their rotting bones have turned to dust

If I were them I'd be upset
The meanest ghost you've ever met
I'd make you suffer for your sins
Until the end of time begins

But I'm not dead so I don't care
If they're unhappy
But beware of them my darling
Our year is just beginning

They won't kill me 'cause I have died
And I remember how it feels
But you've forgotten
The perfect target for them

You cannot beat the living dead
Especially when they're invisible
I'm sorry
Should have told you
You were doomed to die
You're dead

I always wonder where you go to
Between the time you die and our next Life
I hope you're happy up in Heaven
Until it's time to come back down and die

[words & music by Sean Schuyler]
Track Name: Faster On The Draw

((( Man # 6 )))

The girl moved in across the street
I made sure I was first to meet her
The guys consumed with jealousy
They wondered why was she with me

I told them they should have been
Faster on the draw
She fell in love with
The first guy that she saw

And now we're both together
And there's nothing you can do
'Cause she fell in love me
And not with you

((( Other Guys )))

We think that guy should be replaced
He has the most unfair home base
Location we could never beat
The girl moved in across the street

He told us we should have been
Faster on the draw
We never had a chance
To see what he saw

And now they're both together
And their love is under trust
Seems she fell in love with him
And not with us

(under trust)
(faster on the draw)

((( Bad Guy )))

I met her second
I want her more
I was rejected twice before
If I can't have her
No one can
I'll shoot her faster than Superman

You told me I should have been
Faster on the draw
I drew so fast
You didn't see what she saw

A bullet coming after her
The path becomes her head
Her hand is torn away from yours
You see her fall down dead

You ask me why did I kill her
And let you live instead
I tell you that you'd suffer more
This way than scattered red

You ask me if I'm sorry
That my jealousy became
An act of senseless violence
But the truth is very plain

I'm mad she fell in love with
The first guy that she saw
So I killed her and let you live
To prove that I was
Faster on the draw

(under trust)
(faster on the draw)
(I hope the girl goes to Heaven)

[words & music by Sean Schuyler]
Track Name: Seventh Hell

((( Narrator )))

She can't remember 'til she dies
Then she remembers everything
A better memory than her man
He thinks she's always in the dark
But there's a time between her Lives
She sees some things he never can

She sees the future but it's hazy
She knows she isn't happy
The past is so much clearer in her head
Her private Hell
Is cold and dark and lonely
She always stays there when she's dead

Her man feels guilty and she knows
She doesn't blame him 'cause she sees
What he goes through when she is gone
She killed herself in number Four
She understands she shares the blame
She now knows suicide is wrong

It all began because her man
Said God was bad and made Him mad
And so God took her
From her man as punishment
He killed himself and so began the Lesson
Now back and forth
Her tortured soul is sent
And now...

Her tortured soul is waiting
In Seventh Hell

Her Seventh Life was washed away
She loved her man for just a day
She went swimming after sundown
And when she swam too far she drowned

Woke up in solitude again
She never knows how long she'll spend
It all depends how soon he dies
Because they always share their Lives

She knows next time she won't remember
The Lesson God has taught her
It's not her fault her memory doesn't last
It's hard to learn a lesson from the Lesson
Without her memories of the past

The future's hazy and unhappy
She knows her Eighth Life
Will be trouble more
She hopes it's happier than Seven
And the Six that she lived short before

She lived through Seven Lives
Lost the same man seven times
It's true, he lived the same Lives too

If her Eighth Life is shared again
By the same man she knew back then
She fears she'll cry herself to death
And come back here
She hopes it's happier than Seven

Seventh Hell
Her cold dark lonely private Hell

[words & music by Sean Schuyler]